Why Join a Running Club? Leggit’s Top 10 reasons

Running Clubs are a great way to keep yourself motivated and to make the most of the light summer evenings whilst we have them. If you’ve been contemplating joining a running club but need a bit of convincing, Leggit have come up with ten reasons to help you make up your mind!

1. Motivation

Running with others is a great way to keep yourself motivated and to keep focused. With the support of your peers you may find that you don’t experience the boredom and difficulties that you do when running alone and that as a result you’re able to run longer and further normal.

2. Psychology
Becoming a member of a running club means that suddenly you can become a proper “runner” rather than just “someone who likes to run” that title or label can give you a real confidence boost which will have a huge effect on your running.

3. Routine
Running clubs tend to meet at least once a week – same time, same place, week in, week out. If you have a busy lifestyle and find that you’re constantly juggling work with a family or personal life then sometimes forming a regular exercise routine can be difficult. With a running club you’re able to slot it into your week like any other appointment as opposed to mustering up the willpower to get up and get out running on your own

4. Safety
This applies to everyone but in particular to the ladies… running alone does have its risks – especially at night or in poorly lit areas. Most running clubs which meet in the evenings will provide you with high visibility running clothing/tags. Remember that there is safety in numbers and running with a club means that you can focus more on enjoying your run with less risk to your personal safety.

5. Socialising
Running clubs are a great way of meeting new people with similar interests and making new friends. You may find a running partner who you can meet up with in between club sessions. Who knows… you may even find that special someone….!

6. Tips and knowledge
You don’t need to have a great deal of knowledge about running technique, running kit or equipment to join a running group however it’s often a great way to pick up tips and recommendations from your fellow runners. Everything from good pairs of running socks to breathing techniques or a recommended physio… all to help improve your overall performance.

7. Local Routes
Do you find when running alone that you get into the habit of running the same route every time? Running alone can soon become dull and repetitive. When running with a club you can discover new routes and distances so that your training need never be dull.

8. Competition
There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. You may find that once you’re training with others a competitive streak that you never realised you had emerges! Running as a club can give you goals and targets to work towards in your training and also give you something to measure your progress against week in, week out.

9. Events
Running Clubs often enter local or national running events as an entire club. Some events races even reserve spaces especially for running clubs or offer discounted entry fees! Entering a race as part of your running club can give you the encouragement to try out races which you may have otherwise not entered and also the opportunity to push yourself when running with and against other members of your running club.

10. Coaching Advice

Most running clubs are led by a personal trainer or instructor who can often give you additional coaching tips and advice. This could be anything from how your foot hits the floor as you run to how you breathe… even tips with regards to pacing yourself so that you can run further for longer.

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