Training for a half marathon

So you’re thinking of trying a half marathon? Leggit have been working hard with a dedicated team of Personal Trainers to bring you some simple and easy to understand running programmes, ideal for those just starting out or for those at a more intermediate level.

If you’re not sure of how to start your training or how to build up your running distance, one of Leggit’s Half Marathon Training Guides could be just what you need. One of the best things about a training programme is that it can give you that little bit of structure that you need to focus on getting your running ability to a level that you’re happy with.

The Leggit beginner’s half marathon programme will help you improve your running distance so that you are able to run the 13.1 mile distance with confidence. It should also help you to improve your running pace from a light jog up to a strong and confident running pace. The programme spans a 12 week period, giving you step by step exercises which gradually become more advanced each week.

If you are already familar with the half marathon distance however looking to improve your race times or surpass a personal best. Leggit’s Intermediate Half Marathon Programme may be more suitable. Sometimes runners find that their training and progress can plato which is when you may start to become demotivated. A running programme is a great way to help you stay focused and keep motivated. Its healthy to mix up your training regime from time to time to ensure that you stay engaged and enthusiastic about your running training. Leggit’s Intermediate Half Marathon Training Programme is structured over 12 weeks and will help you run a half marathon (13.1 miles) in less than 1 hour 50minutes. The intermediate programme is a great way to build up your running speed and maybe even surpass a personal best running time!

Training is often much easier when you are working towards a specific race or event. If you already have an event in mind, great. If not but are keen to take a look at running events in your local area, why not try Leggit’s Running Events Directory.