Training for 10K

Are you a keen runner looking to improve their training and try a 10K for the first time? Maybe you’re already able to run 10K but are just looking to improve your running speed and times at events. Perhaps you’re training has started to plato and you’re keen to give yourself an extra push to make sure that you keep motivated. work alongside a dedicated team of Personal Trainers to provide you with FREE training programmes which will help keep you motivated and improve your running ability at a safe and steady pace. Our programmes are broken down into bite-size chunks to make them easy to manage and simply to follow.

Our beginner’s 10K training guide will help you to progress from a light jog to running a 10K distance at a confident pace over an 8 week period. The intermediate programme will give you the training strusture you need to run a 10K in less than 45 minutes!

Download 10K Training Programme for Beginners

If you already have an event and time frame in mind, thats great and will really help you to stay motivated and focused on your 10K goals. If not, why not try searching for an event near you with’s Events Directory?

If you have already completed our 10K training programmes and are looking to up the ante on your training, why not try a half marathon? Click here for Leggit’s Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Guide