Running tips, pointers, training programmes and advice

We all run for different reasons and we all run at a different pace, but whether you enjoy running long or short distances, whether you’re working towards a competition , race or event, running to lose weight, to de-stress or just to keep fit, we have a training programme for you! A training programme isn’t just for the professional and dedicated exercisers amongst us! It’s important to keep your exercise regime varied and challenging to make sure that you don’t become bored and de-motivated! Click on the links below to select a FREE training programme which will best suit your needs. Remember our Personal Trainers are on hand to help you with any questions you have regarding your programme.

The programmes are written and recommended by a dedicated and qualified team of Personal Trainers. If you have any queries regarding your programme, please email us on with the subject header “Training Programme Query” and mark your email as high importance.