Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 4

Week 4

MyMotiThe blisters on the bottoms of my feet haven’t gone away so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and invest in some new trainers before they get any worse.

I over-pronate when I run (the outer part of the sole of my foot hits the floor before the rest of my foot) which means that my trainers need to support my foot in the right way to prevent a more serious injury.

run-stabilityWhether it’s because I’ve had them a while and they’ve worn away or just that I’m using them a lot more, I think my current trainers must have been giving me too much support which is why I’ve got the blisters. Mid week I popped into my local running store, My-Moti who gave me a full gait analysis and a new pair of Nike trainers.

A couple of sessions in and my new running shoes seemed okay, but I knew that Sunday would be the real test. We were spending the weekend with friends in Surrey and although we had a night out on Saturday I mustered up the motivation to tackle my programme’s 9 miles as soon as I got up, I finished the run and although tired, my feet and blisters all seemed fine.

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