Run 5K in under 30 minutes

NEW TRAINING GUIDE RELEASED – If you’re already experienced when it comes to running a 5K distance but are looking to improve you running speeds, our brand new training programme could be just what you’re looking for. Our brand new Intermediate 5K Running Programme is specifically designed to help you run 5K or 3 miles in under 30 minutes.

Leggit’s sub 30 Training Programme will help you complete a 5K distance in less than half an hour. The programme is broken down into manageable steps and will help you reach your 30 minute goal within a 6 week period.

With Race for Life and various other Charity Fun Runs coming up in the next few weeks, this programme will provide you with that extra push you’ve been looking for and the ability to beat last year’s running time- it may even help you achieve a new personal best running time!

Now the only thing thats left to do, is to get started!

Intermediate 10K Training Programme

This 5K training programme was written for by Pete Morton of Summit Personal Training, Bristol. To visit Pete on facebook, click here

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