Run 10K in less than 45 minutes!

NEW TRAINING GUIDE RELEASED… Intermediate 10K Training programme to help you run 10K in less than 45 minutes! As the summer months are approaching and more and more 10K running events being held; many runners are starting to think about beating their personal best running times, and taking their training and running speeds to the next level.

When it comes to running, its important to keep your training schedule varied and to present yourself with new and fresh challenges. This will help you to stay motivated, and keep focused. Using a running programme is also a great way to improve you running speeds and increase your running stamina and overall fitness.

Leggit’s Intermediate 10K Training Programme gives youa day by day training guide which will help you to run a sub 45minute 10K within an 8 week period. Tis programme is broken down into easy, managable chunks and builds your running ability so you are able to push yourself harder and for longer.

So what are you waiting for…

Run 10K in less that three quarters of an hour!

This 10K training programme was written for by Pete Morton of Summit Personal Training, Bristol. To visit Pete on facebook, click here

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