Recession stressed workers feel pressured into choosing their work over their health according to latest results from Cancer Research

The recession is taking its toll on the health and fitness of the UK according to results released by Cancer Research UK as 25% of UK workers are now spending more time at work compared with this time last year.


Cancer Research UK found the impact of job cuts within the workplace and a fear of redundancy have increased people’s workloads and stress levels. A quarter of workers now worry about their job security, feeling under pressure to work harder for longer. 56% of workers who took part in the survey felt that work effects the amount of exercise they do and a dangerous 26% admitted that they don’t regularly exercise.

Its not just people’s exercise and fitness that’s affected, 82% of workers say that being busy at work also affects their diet. A staggering 4 out of 5 adults admitted to not eating their 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and 41% percent admitted that when it comes to choosing their food; speed and convenience is the main deciding factor as opposed to health and nutrition.

In addition there is an increase in the stress levels associated with the fact that 38% of adults are dissatisfied with their work – life balance. According to Karen Brady, Birmingham City Football Club’s MD:

“Encouraging a good work/life balance is crucial in keeping morale high and increasing motivation”

In response to these survey results, Cancer Research have launched the Take 5 Challenge in conjunction with their upcoming 10K Run – five easy steps to help people incorporate health and fitness into their lives – no matter how busy or hectic they are!

[The] “Take 5 Challenge’ encourages people to incorporate health and fitness into their busy lives, which is a great way for workers and their bosses to boost their sense of wellbeing.” Karen goes on to say.

If you feel that you’re currently not getting enough exercise due to your workload, or that your diet and nutrition is suffering as a result of choosing a quick and convenient food alternative – don’t panic there are still small changes you can make which will have a really positive impact on your health and well being. The Cancer Research Take 5 step by step guides are FREE and can be viewed here. To help improve your diet and nutrition why not try Graze – the healthy and high energy snack food box which can be delivered to your work address and is guaranteed to contain at least one of your 5 a day?

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