Race the Reaper – 5.5 Miles of Challenging Natural Terrain & Obstacles


A brutal taskmaster with no time for anyone who isn’t fully commited to the cause -


We are the new kids on the block, soon to be the biggest contenders on the playing field. REAPER is Rivers Earth and Pain Extreme Running and will bring a new meaning to Extreme Running in the beautiful rural setting of places like Pippingford Park, East Sussex and other locations in and around the UK.

Our first event is April 1st 2012, and you could be one of the lucky few who get to run the Reaper for the first time. To make this happen book now to avoid disappointment!

Unlike other events we don’t concentrate on one aspect of extreme running. We give you a little bit of everything to put you through your paces. So if you like mud, there are plenty of water crossings. If you like hill training we will take you up some steep inclines that may require you to hang onto a guide rope! If you like the coolness of trees and forests, we have plenty of winding turns and trails for you to follow under the canopy of green leaves.

If you like open fields then we have some stretches with fantastic panoramic views for you to enjoy. If you’re not afraid of the dark then we’ll take you through tunnels on your hands and knees scrambling to reach the end. And on top of all that, we’ll throw in quite a few man made obstacles to keep you well and truly occupied for the duration of the course!

Our 5-mile-plus varied terrain courses will push even the most hardened to the limits, so if you’re looking for an all round fitness challenge, then click the ENTRY button now, because you’ve found it!

With all this in mind, ask yourself the question. Can you beat the Reaper?

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