Super Foods to Improve Your Running

Vitamins, Supplements, Protein Shakes and Energy Drinks all aside, thedre are still some great foods which if possible, you should try and squeeze into your diet to improve your running performance… and dont worry they’re not all as bad as you may think!

Here at Leggit we like to get a bit fruity wherever possible! We’ve found that Bananas are a great source of energy shortly before a run. One of our favourite companies at the moment are Graze, a health food company who will deliver Fresh Fruit to your office or home every day for as little as £2.99!!

Graze are recognised by the NHS as working towards the Governement’s current 5-a-day scheme and each box contains 3 portions of fruit. The other thing that we love about graze is the fact that they offer specific pre-workoutand post-workout nutrition boxes, filled with goodies to help you get the most out of your training and to improve your running ability in an easy and tasy way!

Graze are currently offering your first fruit box FREE and your second box Half Price when you sign up with them, so what are you waiting for?

Generally speaking, snacking in between meals, eating little and often is good for you – its what you choose to snack on which can be problematic. Fruit is a great healthy alternative to choclate, crisps or bisucuits and with Graze’s Delivery service, you now have no more excuses!!

Goji Berries
are also a great source of vitamin C and not as expensive as you might think. You can usually get them from your supermarket or from a Health Food Store, they’re always cheaper when you buy in bulk so we suggest stocking up.