Improve Running Stamina and Recovery

Leggit’s top tips to help improve running stamina

If you’re looking for other ways to improve your running stamina and also recovery times after running why not give protein shakes and energy drinks a second thought. Over recent years, protein shakes have got pretty bad reputation as being used exclusively by Body Builders and men who are heavily into their weights training however this isnt always the case and often they can really help you improve your cardio training and performance.

Science in Sport (SIS)
offer a number of drinks and supplements which will help keep your body well hydrated, make sure that you maintain your energy levels throughout your workout, improve your recovery times, reduce the possibility of illness or injury resulting from over-excursion and even work to improve your mental focus!

Leggit recommends SIS PSP22, it’s a very complex carbohydrate energy drink and is perfect before, during and after exercise and perfect for long endurance runs. Follow the below links to shop for PSP22 at wiggle.

SIS’s products are designed to compliment your running and exercise regime – not replace it. They offer great tips and advice and only recommend products which will help you to meet your goals.