Graze – Healthy Snack Boxes

Graze offer a selection of healthy snack boxes which can be delivered to your home or work. Each snack box will provide you with at least one portion of your 5 recommended Fruit and Veg per day plus some other healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

Graze are so confident that you will love their snacks that they are even offering new customers their first box FREE and second box half price, so what have you got to lose from trying?

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Graze snack boxes are personalised to your taste, and you have the option of either a “design your own” box, or a pre made nutrition box. Choose from any one of the following Graze nutrition box options:

  • Graze Eatwell a balanced nutrition box, a good all – rounder!
  • Graze Energy low GI foods to slowly release energy and keep your blood sugar levels high all day!
  • Graze Well Being foods designed to help boost your natural immune system
  • Graze Pre Workout high energy foods to help fuel your workout
  • Graze Post Workout foods high in nutrients to help you recover after exercise

Graze is a perfect supplement to your training, giving you the energy boost you need pre-workout and post-workout. Not only that but its also a great way to lose weight. “Grazing” regularly throughout the day rather than eating once at lunchtime is a great way of keeping your blood sugar up and satisfy your hunger until evening (no more mid-afternoon biscuits!)

We all know the importance of getting your 5 portions of Fruit and Veg per day plus other essential vitamins and nutrients; realistically however it can be difficult to cram all of these into your daily routine which is another reason why Graze is so useful. Guaranteeing at least 1 of your 5 portions of fruit (and sometimes up to 3 portions) in every box plus other essential vitamins, this is an easy way of ensuring that you get all of the goodness you need into your diet.

The leggit team are all big advocates of Graze snack boxes and have the boxes delivererd on a weekly basis. Take a look below to see what they have to say….

Sam, Leggit

Sam, Leggit

“I get the Pre-workout box delivered twice a week, I can snack on it throughout the afternoon and it gives me a great energy boost for my run after work. The thing I like most about graze is how easy and convenient it is – and how good the snacks taste!”

So what are you waiting for? Click here and get your FREE Graze Box today!