Nearly two thirds of adults risk their health through not enough exercise… What are we waiting for?!

Latest results from a survey carried out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy show that nearly two thirds of adults place their future health at risk through not enough exercise. 63% of adults questioned admitted that they don’t get enough exercsie and a frightening 20% admitted to exercising less than once a month – thats 1/20th of the recommended exercise amount – which is 1 hour a day for children and 5 times a week for adults.

According to Bridget Hurley, chartered physiotherapist and spokesperson for Chartered Society of Physiotherapy “Most people know physical activity is good for their health but when it comes to doing it, exercise simply isn’t a priority.”

Unfortunately, the excuses of “I’m too busy/tired/stressed/unwell…” (the list is endless) seem to roll off the tongue just too easily when it comes to making time for exercise – a third of people say they cannot exercise as they are too busy with work and a quarter of people claim to feel too tired or unwell to exercise. (Although you can’t help but wonder how many hours are spent watching television by those who claim to be “too busy” to exercise more). However The results from the survey showed that 53% of those questioned said that they would exercise more frequently if they felt they could fit it into their daiy routine

Bridget Hurley goes on to say “Regular physical activity is as important as eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and people need to understand that you can’t keep putting it off.”

“Without sufficient physical activity you increase your risk of life-threatening illnesses”. she says.

Encouragingly, the survey showed that 39% of people would exercise more often if it was free… and that’s the great thing about running, it is! A quick run or jog before or after work will cost you nothing but will improve your future health considerably.

“Active people are up to 50 per cent less likely to be at risk of major chronic disease such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.” says Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham.

The benefits aren’t just long term however. Regular exercise is proven to lower your stress levels, improve your concentration,and make you feel happier. After just a short period of time; regular exercisers find that they have more energy and feel better and healthier in themselves.

Motivation to get out there and exercise can be difficult; and an empty hour slot isn’t going to just miraculously appear in everybodys day. When it comes to exercise and your health its about priorities and its something that you have to make time for, to be able to yield the benefits.

There is also a lot of support out there to help you get into exercise and build up your confidence as well as your fitness. As part of the latest CSP campaign “Move for Health” they have released a free Guide to Exercise. Here at Leggit wew also offer FREE training programmes for complete beginners to runnng.

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