Leggit’s fave Movie Running Scenes

Here at Leggit, we know that running is more than just a way to lose weight, more than just about speed, and more than a way to keep fit. We understand that when it comes to running, its not just the little people like you and me, or Dave from down the street. Running is a past time that we share with Action Heroes, Villiains, Cops and Spies.

We’ve picked the below video as it features clips from our all time favourite running scenes. From being chased by Zombies and Balls of Fire, to being chased by the Cops and playground bullies; Will Smith, and Tom Cruise, Indianna Jones and everybody’s hero… Forrest Gump

Take a look, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do……. “Run Forrest Run”

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the video clip – especially if you have a motivational running scene which wasnt included in the montage. Let us know your favorite running scenes and we’ll post them on site for you!