mens running kit

There is a huge selection of men’s running kit on the market. With a variety of brands and providers now supplying speciailist running kit – from Wiggle to Sweat Shop and key running brands such as Adidas, Asics, Ronhill, Reebok, Nike and Mizuno. Getting the right sportswear for when you run is important to make sure that you stay comfortable and keep cool. When choosing the right kit for running its important to make sure that you go for a fabric which is light and well ventilated. This will help to keep you cool whilst running and won’t soak up moisture and get heavy as you sweat. christian-aid-running2

If you’re planning to run all year round you need to make sure that you have kit suitable for winter running as well as for summer running. For running in winter its importqant to make sure that your kit is waterproof, windproof and warm – whilst still being of a fairly lightweight material to ensure that its comfortable.

Take a look below for an overview of some of Leggit’s rercommended providers for Men’s Running Kit.

Wiggle - Providing sportswear from a variety of brands. Plus great running advice and clothing for other sports such as cycling, athletics and swimming.

Adidas - Running kit featuring innovative technology such as ClimaCool; Product ranges include Adistar, Supernova and Techfit – plus many more…

Reebok – Product ranges and technology include hexride, kinetic fit, Smooth Fit and Play Dry. Clothing designed to keep you comfortable dry and cool whilst exercising.

Ronhil – Featuring Aquaduct Fabric to make sure that you stay cool throughout your run and to ensure that your sportswear doesnt absorb sweat as you exercise.

Nike – Top Running Brand offering Dri-Fit technology on their running clothing and the latest tecnology in trainers and running accessories

Asics- Running trainers and lightweight running clothing. Great for heat and moisture management whilst exercising.

Saucony – Great running trainers providing your feet with support where you need it. Perfect for runners with a tendancy to over or under pronate.

Mizuno Comfortable and lightweight running clothing; helping you to stay cool and dry whilst running

Gore – Product ranges include Evolution IV; specially designed in their shape to fit comfortably when you run and maximise performance

Polar – A must-have when it comes to running long distances is a heart rate monitor and polar provide some of the best around. Great for pacing yourself and also for pushing yourself to run harder and faster.

Salomon Running kit includes SEAMLESS and SMART SKIN Technologies to ensure that there is no friction or rubbing from the clothing.