Adidas Running Kit

One of the most poular providers of running sportswear in the UK, Adidas specialise in sports clothing, trainers and accessories for both men and women. Take a look below for some of Adidas’s top running products and lines, AdiStar and Supernova.


Adistar technology actively supports your muscles whilst running to improve comfort and efficiency whilst running. Products within the adiStAR range include:

Adidas AdiStar Gore Windstopper Jacket – providing you with protection from the wind but still breathability to ensure maximum comfort throughout your run.
Adidas adiSTAR Long Sleeve Half Zip Tee – With a breathable, sweat-wicking design, the Lon Sleeve Half Zip Tee is exceptionally comfortable and brilliant for runs in colder weather.
Adidas adiSTAR Long Tights – designed specifically for performance and comfort. The adidas adiSTARĀ® Long Tights (or leggings to the rest of us!) are made to manage heat and sweat through supportive technology and ventilated Addidas CLIMACOOL technology.
Adidas adiSTAR Baggy Shorts – Long runs call for comfortable shorts. Looser than the tights, the adiSTAR Baggy shorts are a great buy for running in the summer months. In spite of their baggy style, these shorts still support your muscles through AdiStar technology as well as keeping you cool.
Adidas adiStar Shimmel – The Shimmel features all the comfort of Addidas muscle supporting technology and increased breathability with the addd bonus of fewer seams. Helping you run with greater ease and greater comfort to improve performance.



Supernova technology – designed with CLIMACOOL technology to help your skin breathe and to keep you cool throughout your run – whatever the weather!
Adidas Supernova Sleeveless Tee – All about keeping coll whilst you run, featuring a heat managing technology designed to keep you going and prevent over heating.
Adidas Supernova Long Sleeve Tee – Engineered for greater comfort and performance, through additional muscular support and Adidas ClimaCool technology to help keep you cool throughout your run.
Adidas Supernova High Impact Bra – Giving you all of the support required to enjoy your run. Made from a sweat-wicking fabric to provide ultimate comfort and heat control.
Adidas Supernova Three-Quarter Tights – Addidas Supernova cropped leggings offer more support than regular running shorts and are engineered to provide increased breathability – helping you to stay cool.
Adidas Supernova Gore WindStopper Jacket – Fanatastic protection for running in those winter months, waterproof, wind proof and even a media pocket for your music!

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