Nike+ iPod Sports Kit

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The Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit is a fantastic add on for runners who use their iPods when training with Nike+ trainers. Compatible with iPod nano, iPod touch (2nd generation), or iPhone 3G S. The Nike+ iPod Sports Kit transforms your ipod into a personal workout coach.

The technology behnd the sports kit is a wierless sensor and receiver combination giving you realtime feedback throughout your workouts and the ability to track and compare your performance over time on your Mac or PC, setting yourself goals, monitoring your progress, even challenging other runners within the Nike+ community to races – whats wrong with a bit of competition! The sensor itself slips into the custom built pocket below the insole of your Nike+ trainers. The receiver then plugs into the Dock connector on your ipod (much like an i-trip). If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone then the receiver is already built in.

As you exercise, the sensor tracks your movements and sends your workout stats through to your iPod device, everything from your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. You can then review this information at the end of your workout, or there’s the option of receiving real-time, spoken feedback whilst you run.

All this comes for a bargain price of just £19.00 – a perfect add on for Nike+ runners.Find out more about Nike+ iPod Sports Kit

Not only that, the technology is also favoured by Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong who is preparing for his first NY Marathon, “If you can incorporate time, distance and calories burned together and make it function for both the fitness runner and the high level athlete, it will take working out to a whole other level.”