For many of us running in silence can be somewhat a bore – espcially if you’re living and running in a city where the buzz of lorries, sirens and traffic isn’t particularly appealing! Many runners now opt to listen to music whilst running and far from the days of bulky cassette players, the ipod selection from Apple are small, streamlined and designed to be easy to carry whilst running. We find that a good selection of motivational running tracks can sometimes be just what you need to push on through when you’re struggling and to help you pick up your running pace.

Many sports equipment providers have also developed running accessories to make carrying your ipod even easier, everything from armbands to carry your ipod, to trainers and even running tops with ipod fittings!

Leggit.co.uk have been looking at some of the ipods which are available and testing them to find out what is the best ipod for running.

Take a look below for the ipods we tested and what we thought of them.

Small, compact and really easy to carry. The new iPod Shuffle is so small that you can wear it round you nexk or clip it on to your clothing and you wont even notice it whilst you’re running. We’ve always been a fan of smallest member of the iPod family, however one of the only flaws with the previous model was that the controls were on the ipod itself, meaning that skipping tracks and changing setting could sometimes be fiddly and not always convenient whilst running. The new iPod Shuffle has all of its controls on the ear bud cord, meaning that you can skip tracks quickly and easily without interupting your run with enough memory to hold 1000 tracks – its enough to keep you running for miles!

The next size up from the Shuffle, is the iPod Nano, and quite possibly our favorite. Not only does the Nano come with a minimum memory of 8GB, its also streamlined and has a colour screen which is ideal for downloading fitness videos and programmes. There are a huge selection of running armbands compatible with the Nano, meaning that you can run without it getting in the way.

The iPod Nano is a great piece of kit to compliment your training. More and more pieces of gym equipment are now compatible with the iPod range, meaning that you can save your gym programmes and times to the Nano to monitor your progress after each visit to the gym. As the Nano comes with a colour screen you can also download fitness videos and workout tips to help you with running, stretching, warming up and much more! One of our favortie add-ons for the Nano is the Nike+iPod Sports Kit – a wireless sensor working with your Nike+ shoes and your iPod nano giving you feedback on your progress throughout your workout and the ability to track performance on your computer.

If you dont have the newest generation iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano, there are still plenty of accessories which you can still ensure that your iPod is easy and comfortable to run with. Ipod still offer a great range of running armbands for the Second Generation Nano and Second Generation Shuffle – even for the iPod Classic. So you can still make the most of your iPod when running without shelling out for a new one!