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If you’re more of a fair weather runner or you find that you just don’t have opportunity to run outside; at home gym equipment can be the perfect solution. At-home gym equipment can also compliment your outdoor training. Treadmills now come with a wide variety of pre-made programmes and settings which can monitor your progress and can help fine-tune your training.

Running machines are increasingly becoming the most popular choice of at-home gym equipment in the UK. Not so many years ago, this kind of equipment in your own home was a major luxury and was generally only afforded by the rich and famous! Luckily, due to the popular demand for treadmills and at home gym equipment, prices have come down considerably and it’s now an affordable option for everyone. have teamed up with Fitness Europe’s largest fitness store. Fitness Options have a great selection of treadmills including brands such as Life Fitness, Bowflex and Reebok. To find out more, click here

There is a considerable amount of dispute between road running versus treadmill and everyone has their own preference. Take a look at one of leggit’s latest articles to help you way up the pro’s and cons of each.
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