Most runners will agree that having the right running kit is a must. Making sure that you have the correct running clothes and equipment will not just make you look the part but can also help prevent injury and can improve your performance. The main thing to remember when shopping around is that the correct running gear is specially designed and will be more comfy and will make your run more enjoyable.

Keep yourself up to date with our reviews of whats hot and whats not when it comes to running gear. See below for links to some of the biggest running brands, and those must-have running items!

Sports and Running Clothing

Its important that your running kit is light and comfortable. It should keep you relatively warm but should also be well ventilated and let your skin breathe to make sure you dont overheat (the last thing any one needs is to have to start shedding layers mid-run!) Leggit have taken a look at running kit from some of the top running brands – Nike, Wiggle, Ronhill, Adidas to name a few.

New running clothing is coming out all of the time. One of the latest items from Adidas and one of our favourites is the MP3 Supernova Range. A running top designed to carry your MP3 player with ease and limiting its movement so you dont even notice that your wearing it. The Adidas Supernova MP3 tops are also compatible with the miCoach training system. miCoach is an innovative technology developed between Samsung and Adidas to aid you in your running and exercise training.


A must have when it comes to running is a comfy pair of trainers. The right pair of trainers should support your foot and can help avoid painful strains and injuries.


Whether its ipods or MP3 players, a good selection of motivational running tunes is a great way to get you into the zone as you go for your run. Heart Rate Monitors/GPS are also a great piece of kit to help you pace yourself and to push yourself that little bit harder. As technology moves forward, running accessories have become smaller, lighter,and more compact. Making them easier to incorporate into your running training and a way to improve your overall running pereformance and ability. More and more items of running kit are now compatible with ipods, MP3s, and Heart Rate Monitors – from MP3 running tops, to ipod fittings in your trainers, and even gym equipment like treadmills and cross trainers!

Running and Fitness Equipment

Running Machines are the most popular cardiovascular exercise machines in the UK. We have a wide selection of folding and non folding running machines at the best prices with immediate shipping and regular special offers.