Gentle Joggers to Running Sloggers – what kind of runner are you?

So you like to think of yourself as a runner – but just how dedicated are you? Leggit have found the perfect 50 question quiz to put your passion for running to the test! Take a look at the below video and keep count of how many statements apply to you to find out whether you’re a hardcore and dedicated runner, a casual and gentle jogger, or all mouth and no trainers!

The video we’ve found is just a bit of fun although it’s surprising just how many points the team here at could relate to (yes we can eat our own body weight in pasta and proud of it!)

The Results:
45 – 50: You’re Amazing
39 – 44: You’re Legit
33 – 38: Not bad, but you’re still an amateur
27 – 32: You’re scared of Pain!
21 – 26: Hate to say it, but you’re a Poser
0 – 20: Why did you watch this?

One you’ve got your results, leave us a comment below to see how you stack up against other Leggit users

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