FitFlops – Get a work out while you walk!

FitFlops are specially designed to help Improve Posture, Reduce the Shock on your spine, firm your bum and legs, minimize back stress and reduce foot pain, all while you walk!

Yes that’s right, it couldn’t be easier, simply replace your current shoes with FitFlops today. Leggit has thought of a few day-to-day activities that involve walking…

  • Hoovering
  • Walking to work
  • Super Market Shopping

…we could go on, but the point is, it really is that easy. Whether you use the FitFlops as tool between exercise or as a replacement, the benefits they offer are too good to miss!

We have teamed up with Sweaty Betty to bring you the latest FitFlop designs, click here to see what they have to offer…

Sweaty Betty

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