Feeling Fabulous at 40? Exercise and a healthy lifestyle can knock years off you!

The average Brit aged 40+ feels a staggering 11 and a half years younger than their actual age, reveals latest research by Pru Health.

The stresses and strains of modern life is hitting the younger Brits hardest as the 20-somethings questioned felt older than their real age and 30-somethings generally felt their age… a far cry from the 40+ categories who tended to lead healthier lifestyles with less stress and less unhealthy food like takeaways… leading to them feeling more than a decade younger than their birth certificate age.

Surprisingly, the 20 and 30 somethng year olds questioned had energy levels which were closer to that of a retiree. 12% of Brits in their 30s said that they didnt feel energetic at any point during the day – compared with only 6% of Brits in their 60s. Its atstistics like this which take the phrase “aging population” to a whole new level!

But what are the reasons for this drastic difference in energy levels and mental age vs actual age? Pru’s research showed that the younger adults in their 20s and 30s were more likely to have an unhealthy diet, to smoke and were less likely to exercise. A whopping 18% of this category admitted that they never exercise and 1/4 get less than 6 hours sleep per night.

By comparison, the over 40s follow a more balanced diet and tend to steer away from unhealthy foods. Although their exercise levels were similar to those in the 20s and 30s category, over 40 need less calories overall so combined with their exercise levels could be the reason for their more vibrant and youthful outlooks.

Shaun Matisonn, CEO, PruHealth, said: “While it’s wonderful to see that the older we get, the better we feel, the energy levels of those under 40 clearly needs more attention. This age group need to get more exercise – and more sleep – eat healthily and follow more active lifestyles to help boost their energy levels.”

If you find that your energy levels are peaking mid-afternoon and that you’re feeling older as opposed to younger than your real age, why not try one of our beginners running programmes to help you start stress-busting. Light and regular exercise is great way of relieving stress and of improving your energy levels and your sleeping patterns!

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