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Sam, Leggit

Sam, Leggit


Thanks for visiting my running diary and for following my training for the Virgin London Marathon 2010. I have chosen to run the London Marathon for two different charities this year, Five Talents and Help for Heroes. These are both really worthwhile causes and well worth any donations!

Make a Donation to Five Talents

Make a Donation to Five Talents

Five Talents is all about empowering local entrepeneurs to help themselves and their families through providing training & small loans which will help individuals set up a business.
Help for Heroes raise money to help the recovery and care of individuals wounded in combat, most recently the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Make a Donation to Help for Heroes

Make a Donation to Help for Heroes

To help prepare for the London Marathon I’m following Leggit’s FREE Marathon Training guides, written by our resident Personal Trainer, Pete Morton. If you’re thinking of running a marathon, why not download one of our free training guides below?

Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 5

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Week 5

Well I’m certainly starting to feel the pain on Mondays after my long distance runs on Sunday mornings. This week I managed 12 miles on Sunday but really paid for it on Monday as my legs were pretty stiff.

Pete, Our Resident PT

Pete, Our Resident PT

I tend to get a tight IT Band (Iliotibial band) which can give me knee pain from time to time but luckily I took some advice from Leggit’s resident Personal Trainer Pete Morton who has given me some really good stretches and massage exercises to do after training which keeps it at bay.

Aside from that, everything is going well, my times seem pretty consistent and so far the distances have been challenging but more than achievable. This Sunday’s run was 12 miles and I managed to complete it in just under 1 hour 40 minutes – fingers crossed I’ll be able to achieve the sub four hour marathon time that I’m hoping for.

Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 4

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Week 4

MyMotiThe blisters on the bottoms of my feet haven’t gone away so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and invest in some new trainers before they get any worse.

I over-pronate when I run (the outer part of the sole of my foot hits the floor before the rest of my foot) which means that my trainers need to support my foot in the right way to prevent a more serious injury.

run-stabilityWhether it’s because I’ve had them a while and they’ve worn away or just that I’m using them a lot more, I think my current trainers must have been giving me too much support which is why I’ve got the blisters. Mid week I popped into my local running store, My-Moti who gave me a full gait analysis and a new pair of Nike trainers.

A couple of sessions in and my new running shoes seemed okay, but I knew that Sunday would be the real test. We were spending the weekend with friends in Surrey and although we had a night out on Saturday I mustered up the motivation to tackle my programme’s 9 miles as soon as I got up, I finished the run and although tired, my feet and blisters all seemed fine.

Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 3

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Week 3

Well, the Sunday run went loads better than expected, running around the Shropshire countryside was really pleasant and a nice change of scenery from my training so far. I was meant to do 6 miles at an easy pace and whilst the pace was easy, we unfortunately got lost and accidently ended up running 9 miles instead!

The rest of my training this week has gone pretty well, thank goodness all of the snow has gone now, whilst running on the beach is good fun, its definitely more of a slog than on the roads and difficult to run a decent distance.

Started to get blisters on the inside of my soles the last few days – I’ve invested in some good blister plasters so hopefully these should do the trick but I have a feeling I may need to invest in some new trainers soon….

Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 2

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Week 2

Well, if the snow wasn’t a pain towards the end of last week it certainly is this week, cold, wet and now icy and slushy; my Monday lunchtime run took a lot of motivation.

Starting to get the hang of Tempo runs now. This is a 30 minute run split into four 7 ½ minute sections. The first section is run at an easy pace, the second section at a medium pace and the final two sections are run at a hard pace.

Slightly concerned about the Sunday Run this week as I’m going up to Manchester for a friends Birthday on Friday and then have another party in Shropshire on Saturday night. Still have decided to take it easy on the alcohol for both evenings and am planning a run with my girlfriends uncle early Sunday morning.

Sam’s Running Diary – Training for the London Marathon Week 1

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Week 1

Well after a lazy and not particularly healthy December, this week has certainly kicked me back to reality!

Back to work and back to training all in one day luckily our Intermediate Training guide was relatively kind on the first day with no distance limit, just a 30 minute run at a medium pace on Monday which squeezed into my lunch break perfectly.

Mid week I hit a bit of a crisis however – the snow! Undeterred I carried on however and completed the latter part of my week 1 training programme by running along the beach (mainly to avoid the super slippery pavements) and have to say it was actually really enjoyable and much less treacherous!