Running for Charity

Taking part in Running Events for Charity is a great way of helping a cause that you believe in. Many charities sponsor or organise Running events – such as the Cancer Research 10K, or the Cardiff Half Marathon organised by Barnardos, the children’s charity.

Running for Chairity also helps you stay motivated. Research carried out by Christian Aid showed that 60% of 18 – 34 year olds felt they would train harder and be more committed to a regular exercise routine if they were fundraising or had signed up for charity…click here to read the full article

Take a look below for a sample of charities who you could raise money for:

Cancer Research

Cancer Research are oragnising a nationwide 10K this autumn – being held at a number of different locations across the country. In addition to these, you can make one off donations to the charity online register for regular donations.

NSPCC, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children are dedicated to raising awareness of Child Cruelty and to protecting children from abuse. They have representatives at all of the major running events nationwide. Their online service accepts one of donations – perfect for depositing you fundraising money!

Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breakthrough Breast Cancer are dedicated to raising awareness of this disease and how to catch the tell-tale signs early. Sign up to a monthly donation, or deposit your fundraising money in a one of contribution online
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Greenpeace have been campaigning to protect the enviornment and animals in the world we live in. From saving the rainforest to protecting endangered species such as the Orangutan. Fundraisers can make a one off donation online.
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WWF are commited to making a difference to the environment and are tackling everything from climate change and sustainability to protecting animals and their habitats. Membership is from as little as £3 per month and WWF reserves places at most of the coutry’s major running events.
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Many charities also reserve places at some of the larger, more competitive running events which can be difficult to get into such as The London Marathon, or The Great North Run. These places usually have a minimum fundraising requirement however, or look at the runner’s connection with the charity and work you have done with them over a period of time.