Local, Regional and National Running Races and Events

Training for an upcoming running event or competition is a great way to keep motivated and challenged. This is something that you can do individually, with friends, as a club or for charity.


You don’t have to be particularly experienced or good at running to take part in an organised running race. There are a huge number of different events which cater for different abilities and are different distances. For the more experienced and competitive runners amongst us; races are a great way to set yourself new targets and measure up against your peers! For the less competitive runner however it’s a good way to prove your abilities to yourself and meet or surpass a personal goal. Whether you’re looking for a 1 mile race or a 26 mile marathon, there’s something for everyone and above all, these events should be fun!

Well publicised national and even international races or events which you are able to take part in include (amongst others) the London Marathon, the Great North Run, and Race for Life. Not all running events have to be on such a large scale however, there will also be regional races in your local town, city or county which you can attend throughout the year.

Some of the less publicised races are smaller in numbers and therefore easier to enter, and even cheaper (or free) to enter! If you’ve got a larger race in mind, these localised events can be a great way to train up and improve your times.

If you’ve got a particular race in mind, why not check out the details for it and read some reviews from our events directory?

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