Energy Drinks on a budget!

With so many energy drinks and supplements out there it’s hard to know what to go for. Ideally it’s best to choose a cocktail of pre-exercise, during exercise and recovery supplements. Unfortunately this is very expensive, so here at leggit with had a look at what’s on offer and found a suitable energy drink that covers all areas!

So what do we recommended as the top energy drink on a budget, well it’s the Science in Sport PSP22! What does PSP22 mean, we’re not sure, but we do know that it’s a very complex carbohydrate drink packed fully of energy; it is ideal before, during and after exercise and perfect for long endurance runs- Which is why we like, it covers all the areas you need. The drink comes as a powder and is available in 3 sizes, 500g, 1.6KG and 2.7KG…

As this energy drink comes as powder it allows you to mix the concentration that suits you, be it a high concentration for max energy, or low concentration for max hydration. So what if you need both I here you ask? well here at leggit we found for long endurance runs it was best to have a very high concentrate drink before, a low concentrate during for maximum hydration and have a high concentrate drink waiting for you in the fridge for recovery. You don’t need to worry about getting it wrong, if you make it too weak add more powder, and if you make it too strong simply water it down.

If you not 100% sure it’s best to buy the smallest bottle as a tester. Obviously the bigger the bottle, the better the value, but that’s no surprise!

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