Choosing the right running kit

When it comes to running, there’s a huge variety of running kit on the market but is all of it really necessary? What are the running must have’s? Take a look below for some of Leggit’s top tips for things to look out for when choosing running gear.


The MOST important thing when running is that you feel comfortable. The last thing that you want is to be distracted by uncomfortable or unsuitable running kit when you should be focusing on your run. Remember whilst we all want to look the part, the comfort factor should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting sportswear.
Things to look out for…
Try to make sure that your running clothes are lightweight, this will help to improve your overall speed and most importantly are less likely to make you hot and to get heavy as you sweat. Ventilated clothing is a brilliant way of keeping cool and making sure that you don’t over-heat whilst running.
Make sure that your clothes fit properly, whilst it can be tempting (especially as a beginner or if you’re running to lose weight) to go out running hidden in the biggest, baggiest Tshirt you can find; this will be hot, it will get heavy as you sweat and will do you and your jog no favours. Similarly with shorts/trousers, try to steer clear of baggy track pants and go for shorts, or some lightweight running leggings – you can get these either full length or three quarter length and are suitable for both men and women to run in.


Seasonality – dress for the weather

Depending on how you plan to run you need to make sure that you are well equipped for the seasons. Unfortunately the British climate means that just one set of running wear probably won’t suffice and with the wrong kit you could over heat, get pretty cold, or just get drenched – none of which will help you get the most out of your training sessions!

Summer Runner – Make sure that your clothing is light and well ventilated. Go for shorts as opposed to trousers and wherever possible steer clear from cotton as this will get hot will absorb sweat, and will get heavy. A good pair of sunglasses are also be a worthwhile investment. Most sports brands now design sunglasses specifically for running/exercise which will fit closely around your head and won’t slip off. Last but not least… don’t forget the suncream as sunburn does not bode well when exercising!

Winter Runners – three things to bear in mind when running throughout the autumn and winter months; you will be running in 1.The Rain, 2.The Cold and 3.The Dark. A lightweight/waterproof running coat will come in very useful, a great way of keeping dry and warm. Whilst the winter months are cold, it’s important to remember that you will still get warm whilst exercising. Most running providers will now offer winter sportswear to keep you warm but are still lightweight. Long sleeved running tops with good ventilation will come in very useful. As dark evenings set in, it’s important to make sure that your clothing is also reflective and brightly coloured.

Check out Sports Bras from Sweaty Betty

Check out Sports Bras from Sweaty Betty

Lastly, one for the ladies…

Sports Bra’s are a MUST when running. Regardless of how short/long your run is how much movement you think you will/won’t have when running, a regular bra cannot and will not provide you with the necessary support for high impact exercise such as jogging. Make sure that the bra you choose is made from a seamless fabric (or at the very least has seamless cups) this will prevent chafing. Wide shoulder straps and Racer Back straps will provide you with the most support. When trying on your sports bra, make sure that you jog on the spot/jump up and down to test the amount of support which it gives you and to make sure that it’s comfortable.

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