Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Guide

NEW TRAINING GUIDE RELEASED - have just released a brand new training guide for beginners looking to have a go at a half marathon. This is a great way to help you get motivated and focused in your training – especially if you have an upcoming race or event.

The training programme is broken down into easy steps which you can follow on a week by week basis to build up your running ability. The Leggit programme spans a period of 12 weeks – giving you plenty of time to prepare for that all importnat race or event.

Now all that’s left for you to do… is to get started!!

Click here for your FREE Beginners Half Marathon Training Programme

Interemediate Half Marathon Programme – for the more experienced runners amongst you who are more familar with the distance but looking to improve you speed and competition times.

This 1/2 marathon training programme was written for by Pete Morton of Summit Personal Training, Bristol. To visit Pete on facebook, click here

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