Beginner’s 5K Training Guide

NEW TRAINING GUIDE RELEASED -’s 5K Training Programme for Beginners is a brilliant starting point for any runner. Giving you the help and support need to reach you 5K goal in just 6 weeks! If you’re training for Race for Life, a local Fun Run, or just to set yourself a bit of a challenge, our programme could be just what you need to get you off on the right foot!

The running training programme will provide you with a basic structure to help you progress from walking, to jogging to running in just 6 weeks! The training programme is step by step guide introducing you to a 5K running distance in bitesize chunks so your running ability and confidence grows at a a steady and safe pace.

Now all that you need to do, is get started!

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This 5K training programme was written for by Pete Morton of Summit Personal Training, Bristol. To visit Pete on facebook, click here

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