14.6K FOR LOVE, 14.6km, Richmond Park, London. 14.05.11

When and where?
10am Saturday 14th May 2011
Richmond Park, Surrey, UK

Who is it in aid of?
The run is in aid of Love146 a UK and US Registered charity/non-profit working to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation worldwide.

What does it cost to participate?

A small registration fee of £5 is payable on the day of the run.

How difficult is the course?
The 14.6 kilomentre perimeter trail reaches all corners of wild and beautiful Richmond Park. The hard-pack sandy/stoney surface is good to run on and with such stunning scenery to distract you, you’ll barely notice the occasional climb and incline.

I’m not a runner. Can I still participate?

Of course you can. You can jog, walk, even stroll the course. If you walk at a steady pace, it will take you approximately 2.5 hours to complete the circuit.

What are the aims of the 14.6K For Love?

To raise £1,000,000 for Love146.
To grow awareness in the UK about the issue of child sex slavery and exploitation and the work of Love146.
To make a powerful stand for the children affected by this issue.

To do that our 300 participants will run with a shared commitment to the following pledge, to be read in unison before the run:

Love 146 Runner’s Pledge:
I stand for a world society, which nurtures, honours and respects all children.
I stand for a world society where every child is free.
I stand for a world society where child sex slavery and exploitation is history.
Today, I run, to show the world what I stand for.

How can I get involved?

Be one of the 300 participants taking part in 14.6K for Love.
Be a volunteer. We need 50 volunteers to help keep everything running smoothly on the day.
Donate to Love146. Sponsor a friend participating in the 14.6K For Love, or donate directly to the cause.
How can I keep up to date with 14.6K For Love news?
Watch this space! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

How can I learn more about this issue?
Visit www.love146.org for details and statistics on the commercial exploitation of children, the ongoing efforts of Love146, and true stories and testimonials of child slaves.